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more software

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A nice overview of available online and offline software at Chinese-forum.com


Only for advanced students, this handy desktop dictionary saves a lot of time:


A desktop and Internet pop-up dictionary Chinese<--> English

Also installable on the D-drive of your network pc.

Aks your system administrator, if not.

Usefulness rating: 4/5


+ translates anything on your screen

+ much additional information

+ it's free (freeware)


- all settings and options in Chinese (but most of them translated by Youdao itself!)

- translations not always in pinyin (use www.MDBG.net to solve this inconvenience)


MDBG Chinese Reader

++ pop-up dictionary Chinese > English

- - no English > Chinese translation

- - you have to pay for the programme: 15 days to try-out


Pablo (shareware)


DimSum (freeware)





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